St. Vincent Meals on Wheels welcomes volunteers who are required by a court to do community service. St. Vincent Meals on Wheels reserves the right to deny ANY individual in need of court ordered community service hours the ability to volunteer with the organization based on the nature, type and/or specifics of their offense. St. Vincent Meals on Wheels will not be a party before the specific Court which orders the service, there is no jurisdiction over the organization and the Courts cannot order St. Vincent Meals on Wheels to allow an individual to volunteer with our organization. Individuals will be judged solely by their offense(s) and not by any other means, including, but not limited to: age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Court-Ordered Community Service hours can be earned at various locations which will be determined by the Volunteer Coordinator. Same-day placement is not available with this organization. Hours and availability may vary given particular needs. Court-ordered volunteers must complete a Volunteer Enrollment form and provide documentation of the number of hours and type of offense committed before receiving placement for volunteering. St. Vincent Meals on Wheels does not accept volunteers who have been convicted of, pled guilty or no contest to all sexual offenses and violent felonies (regardless of the amount of time since offense). Please contact Laura Medina at 213-484-7494 for additional information.