Volunteers Share How They Got Involved and Why They Stay

Our family of more than 275 volunteers comes from all corners of L.A. and all walks of life, but as volunteers they share common experiences.

Kristina Mendes – Donor and Volunteer – “I’ve always given. My wonderful parents taught me that giving is so much better than receiving. I think it is so important to give back. My Dad supported St. Vincent  Meals on Wheels for over 20 years before he passed away. I want  to simply continue his good work.”  Kristina has been in nursing for over 35 years and even worked for three years at St. Vincent Hospital. Presently, she is in private nursing. She supports St. Vincent Meals on Wheels by not only donating her time but also by attending our events and dinners.



Emmie Calland – Volunteer  –  A graduate of Notre Dame, Emmie has spent a year in The Vincentian Service Corp West, a faith-based volunteer service program inspired by St. Vincent de Paul and founded on the principles of service, community, and spirituality.  Members work with marginalized people in our society, live simply with fellow volunteers and integrate faith into living and serving. Emmie volunteered one day a week in our kitchen this past year as well as supporting St. Vincent Meals on Wheels through a FaceBookfundraising campaign.

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