Here in L.A., doing lunch means taking a break over a midday meal with friends. But for our more than 1,800 hungry and homebound clients, lunch is a luxury that can restore their health, hope and strength. A simple, nutritious lunch each day can create miracles in their lives.

That’s why we established the Let’s Do Lunch Monthly Meal Giving Program. Through simple automatic credit card contributions, you can provide a hot lunch and beverage—tailored to individual needs and preferences—that’s delivered with love to a homebound senior.

But the value of this hot lunch goes far beyond nutrition. It also ensures that a meal-delivery person will check on each senior once a day to make sure they are okay—and to summon help if needed.

When you join Let’s Do Lunch, you’ll feel great about helping your neighbors in need all year. And more of L.A.’s most needy seniors will appreciate their lifeline of regular hot lunches, thanks to you.

Please contact us via phone to donate to this program.

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