It’s amazing how something as simple as breakfast can change a life.

For our neediest clients—those who are too frail or ill to go to the grocery store—a home-delivered breakfast adds the strength and hope they need to face each new day. That’s why your Breakfast Club membership is so important!

Breakfast Club members give $365 a year (or a $30 monthly pledge) to deliver breakfast to our neediest meal clients. By joining the Breakfast Club, you’re providing a lifeline of nutrition to a deserving senior every morning!

If you can spare just a dollar each day, you can ensure that our hungry and homebound neighbors get a healthy start each morning. Join our Breakfast Club today—and create miracles in the life of one special senior—all year long!

Thank You to Our Donors

Ms. Sue Marie Amicone
Constancia E. Angeles, D.M.D. Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Fouad N. Anis
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Arredondo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Balbona
Mr. Michael E. Barnes
Mr. John W. Bax
Mr. and Mrs. H. Wilhelm Behrens
Mrs. Sylvia L. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Blake
Ms. Eleanor A. Bliven
Mr. and Mrs. Brett D. Bradley
Ms. Teri A. Breschini
Ms. Barbara Brooks
Mrs. Julie Burkholder
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Butt
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Campbell
Ms. Liz Carlin
Mr. Michel Choban, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Christopher
Ms. Mary M. Cooper
Ms. Ella M. Crawford
Ms. Deana Crosswhite
Ms. Dinna J. Denoga
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Duncan
Mrs. Doris Duncan-Brigham
Ms. Nannette C. Edelman
Mrs. Anna M. Edmiston
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Evans
Mr. John A. Farris
Ms. Michelle D. Fieler
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Flood
Ms. Christine P. Flynn
Ms. Jan Pickard Foster
Mr. Mark P. Freeman
Mrs. Judith W. Fujita

Perla G. Gascon, M.D.
Deacon and Mrs. Don L. Gath
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Gemmill
Mr. Robert J. Giltzow and Ms. Celine Girard
Ms. Elisa R. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Hans A. Gritsch
Mrs. Margaret L. Halleck
Mr. Albert V. Haylock
Ms. Kathleen A. Henkel
Mr. Francisco T. Hernandez
Mr. David Ho
Mr. Harry L. Horning
Ms. Charlotte Huefner
Mrs. Ria J. Inkrott
Inkrott Family Trust
Mr. Robert Jackson
Ms. Susan Jakel
Ms. Wilma Johansen
Mr. Arnold Karlson
Ms. Young Kim
Mr. H. John Lane
Ms. Edna Loeb
Ms. Rose B. Low
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Madsen
Mr. Bruce L. Margolin
Ms. Beatrice D. Massey
Mr. Larry E. Mazur
Ms. Geri McCaffery
Ms. Patricia L. McCandless
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. McCracken
Mrs. Janet McDonald
Ms. Joyce C. McGilvray
Ms. Shirin Mistry
Mr. Burckhard Mohr
Ms. Sharon Pecorelli and Ms. Nancy L. Moomau
Ms. Venus K. Neverson
Ms. Carol M. Nyeholt
Ms. Annette Onorato

Ms. Janet G. Ormond
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Padilla, Jr.
Mrs. Miriam B. Palacio
Ms. Anne Peries
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Plotts
Mr. and Mrs. Mario S. Polselli
Ms. Ann C. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Reher
Mr. and Mrs. Fredick B. Reimer
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Riboli
Mrs. Elizabeth Riek
Ms. Maria C. F. Rodriguez
Mr. Raymond H. Roski
Mr. Richard A. Roy
Mr. John J. Ryan, Jr.
Ms. Linda M. Scuderi
Mrs. Karen Segal
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Simonoff
Ms. Lola D. Sorrells
Ms. Barbara A. Spriggs
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry N. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Swann
Ms. Julianne M. Sweeters
Ms. Nancy A. Terriberry
Mr. Tim B. Thompson
Ms. Debra A. Tokarczyk
Ms. Danielle S. Trujillo
Ms. Luanne Underwood
Mr. Peter Urquides
Ms. Blanca Valles
Ms. Monique Verschuur
Mrs. Carol A. Walters
Ms. Amy R. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Yu
R.W. Zant Co.
Mr. Luis R. Zeledon

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