Many of St. Vincent Meals on Wheels homebound seniors have cats or dogs. These wonderful furry creatures are often their closest companions. Since most of our clients live at or below the poverty line, many cannot afford pet food, so they often share their nutritious meals with their pets. The result is that neither the pet nor the owner receives daily nourishment.

ASPCAlogo-1In conjunction with our ASPCA partners, the BONE APPETIT program is designed to deliver ‘kibbles & bits” once a month to provide these pets with the nourishment they need, ensuring our clients also gets a full wholesome meal each day.

Please donate today to BONE APPETIT, to help us keep St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels recipients and their furry friends properly nourished.

Please contact us via phone to donate to this program.

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More Ways to Help

Born in 2007, Muddy Paw Coffee set out on its mission to help better the life of animals at a local level nationally by helping small ambitious animal organizations raise money through the sale of their coffee and soon tea. They believe all great charity starts in your local community and if everyone does their part things will change for the better. They do this by taking a high quality consumable that we enjoy everyday and turning it into a game changer. By having an incredible product that is award winning and having an incredible cause that is making a difference we establish a win win. Thus their philosophy of “Have a Cup, Save a Pup” was born.

Organizations are given the opportunity to sell their coffee at no expense them where $2 of every bag is donated directly to their cause. These bags are privately labeled to each group so the buyer sees first hand where there money is going and how they are in a small part impacting their local community daily. It only takes one person to start making a difference and it only takes one bag of coffee to start making things change.

We are honored to be working with Bone Appetit to help them better the lives of seniors and their pets…

Buy Muddy Paws Coffee Here