Annual Report to Donors: 2019

In 2019, we helped clients stay safe and healthy through a variety of lifeline services. Our client advocate, Maria Fazio, visited clients to assess unmet needs. Our Friendly Visitor program offered home visits to lonely clients. If clients needed referrals for other medical or financial needs our client advocate found them the appropriate help.

St. Vincent Meals on Wheels by the Numbers 

From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, we prepared and served a total of 706,190 meals—an average of 1,886 meals per day.

* 2019 hot meals: 392,788

* 2019 snack meals: 162,295

* 2019 frozen meals: 100,275

* 2019 breakfasts: 50,832

* 149,139 miles driven- 476 Miles a Day!

* 25 meal-delivery vans

* $57,788 gasoline cost

Cost to prepare and deliver a nourishing hot meal to a client’s home $7.85

Volunteers Turn Out in Record Numbers

330 volunteers served the hungry, including many new students and adults who came to work in the kitchen, drive delivery vans or deliver meals to clients’ tables.

Support Groups Grow to Meet Growing Needs

Circle of Angels: 397 members provided a circle of love and support for our clients by making gifts of $500 to over $50,000.

The Breakfast Club: 161 Breakfast Club members donated $1 or more a day to deliver a daily breakfast (in addition to a hot meal) to clients who depend on us for everything they eat.

Cuisine a Roulettes: Members of Cuisine raise funds, volunteer support and awareness through events including the Annual Beach Walk/Bike-a-Thon and Evening on the Beach.