St. Vincent Meals on Wheels prepares balanced meals from top-quality ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious.

  • Every meal meets or exceeds all federal and local nutritional standards, and is high in fiber and low in sugar.
  • Clients receive special meals tailored to their medical protocols including low sodium, renal for kidney patients and low vitamin K for heart patients. We even have soft pureed meals for seniors challenged by chewing and swallowing.
  • We also cater to our clients’ personal preferences, including kosher and vegetarian meals. We keep track of foods clients prefer not to receive and provide substitutions as needed.
  • Most importantly, our meals are delicious and provide a variety of foods, because a meal is only healthy if our clients enjoy eating it.

Here is a sampling of the 1,800 meals we prepare and deliver to our clients. Our menu rotates every six weeks to provide optimum nutrition and variety.


Pork chop suey over brown rice, stir fry vegetables, green salad with sesame dressing, mandarin orange sections, a roll with margarine and a fortune cookie.

Every meal comes with 8 ounces of cold 1% milk for added nutrition and hydration.

Clients who prefer not to eat red meat enjoy chicken chop suey. This special meal also offers a mixed bean salad for those who don’t eat raw vegetables and strawberries for those on renal and low vitamin K diets.

Vegetarians receive tofu chop suey; we make it all here in our kitchen.