Expectant and Hopeful

Volunteer with ClientYesterday was the beginning of Advent.  In the Christian tradition that signals a period of what might be called expectant and hopeful waiting.  But the word Advent might also be applied to the way the remarkable seniors we serve everyday @stvmow feel each morning as they wait for us to deliver love.           Expectant and hopeful.

On a regular basis I receive calls from seniors we serve.  Sometimes they are expectantly waiting for their hot lunch to be delivered.  And sometimes they are just anxious and need a friend to listen. Sometimes they are just lonely. Expectant and hopeful comes in many forms.

Last week a 92 year old lady phoned me.  For the past three years she has been unable to leave her apartment.  All her friends are gone.  She has no relatives.  STVMOW is her family.  She wanted to know if there might be other lonely seniors who would like to talk to her.  In short, she needed a phone pal!

11_29_2016For a quarter of a century (!) I have been @stvmow.  First as a volunteer and more recently as staff.  I have done a lot of things I have enjoyed in all those years, and even some I didn’t, but the reality is that the best thing I have done is deliver a smile and a good dose of compassion to an expectant hopeful senior.  It’s a good feeling to deliver the meal to someone who is hungry, and that is of course a big part of the story, but it is much more than a meal.  My 92 year old phone pal wasn’t concerned about her meal. She knew we would be there with that crucial meal, but what she needed was for us to deliver love.  It is making sure hopeful expectation is met.  That is what makes our hearts sing. And that is how we do it here @stvmow.  Your heart can sing too!